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Our Web Design Strategy


At TranterGrey we do much more than video marketing, although that’s where we have earned the bulk of our national recognition. As marketing experts with decades of experience in different fields, our team is ideally suited to help clients with all of their online branding and advertising needs. Web design is perhaps the most fundamental component of any organization’s online presence, and getting it right is often the springboard to success for a company or nonprofit looking to engage a much larger audience than ever before.

For web design in Augusta, GA and the surrounding area, TranterGrey is a fantastic local resource of web designers. The knowledge that we have in house is a powerful asset as you seek to revitalize the way you present your organization to the public. Whether you’re dissatisfied with the performance of your existing website or you’re a brand new startup that needs to establish a vibrant presence online, the team at TranterGrey is ready to help.

What will you get from TranterGrey? A website that represents you and your organization with the professionalism, functionality, and beauty that you would expect from a top level web design firm in New York or LA…but with the high touch, flexibility, and affordability that a local business here in the Augusta, Georgia area can provide.


Show Off Your Business With The Best Website Design in Augusta

Your website isn’t just a convenient way for people to get in touch with your business or a feature that your tech-savvy customers expect. In today’s digitally focused economy, it’s the primary portal through which the vast majority of your audience will meet you, interact with you, and maintain a connection with you for years. In the best case scenario, your website will be a resource that your audience will return to again and again and will enjoy using, whether to get in touch with you for the answer to a question, to book appointments, or simply to find out what’s new at your organization.


For better or worse, your audience will directly associate the quality of your website with the quality of your organization. That’s why it’s so important to choose a provider for website design in Augusta, GA that can quickly get on board with your organization’s identity and mission, build a website that accurately reflects them, and continue to update it as needed so that your content does not become outdated and irrelevant. TranterGrey is your local go-to for this level of website design expertise.

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videographer augusta ga
videographer augusta ga
film and video production
videographer augusta ga

Organizational Capacity


Personnel Count: 4
Projects at One Time: 13 to 15


Personnel Count: 3
Projects at One Time: 3 to 4

Strategic Planning

Personnel Count: 3
Projects at One Time: 13 to 15

Web Development

Personnel Count: 4
Projects at One Time: 5 to 6

Media Buying

Personnel Count: 2
Projects at One Time: 8 to 12

Printing and Promotions

Personnel Count: 1
Projects at One Time: 3 to 5

videographer augusta ga

Blane Bailey
President / Ceo

Blane Bailey is the heart and soul of TranterGrey. The company began as a direct mail business in Blane’s garage over twenty years ago and has grown into the 18-person agency that exists today. Blane’s tenacity and drive to succeed have created a business legacy that will last for generations to come and that exists as a leader in the region and throughout the nation.

videographer augusta ga

Rhett Bailey
VP - Client Relations

After working with national name brands like Levi Strauss and Vans in California for over a decade, Rhett Bailey joined the family business and has been serving TranterGrey as Vice President of Client Relations for five years. His work in national branding prepared him for the role he now fills at TG and equipped him with a modern perception of branding and how to provide cutting edge collateral for the clients of TranterGrey.

videographer augusta ga

Tyler Jackson
VP - Creative Services

Tyler Jackson joined the TranterGrey team as a video producer and has worked his way through various facets of the creative process. Tyler is a self-taught web developer, dabbles in graphic design, and maintains his original role in video production. With such multi-faceted talents, Tyler’s creativity and strong work ethic have moved him into the role of Vice President of Creative Services and have made him an irreplaceable part of the TranterGrey team.


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