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Commercial Logo, Website, and Branding Design by Georgia’s Professional Graphic Designers

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Throughout the history of marketing, branding has been the number one consideration. Every successful campaign is founded on a great logo, company name, colors, and other branding features that accurately and attractively represent the organization. On the other hand, countless campaigns have failed because branding was easily overlooked, off-putting, or irrelevant to their audience.

In today’s landscape, branding is even more important. As more and more marketing activity moves online, it is critical for your organization to create and maintain branding that looks consistent across traditional media, social media, your website, mobile and computer screens alike, and wherever else your logo and name may appear. This consistency and quality require a huge amount of experience on the part of your partner in graphic design, not to mention having a finger firmly on the pulse of design trends that can either push your branding to the forefront of the public’s view or cause it to be left behind as expectations change.

Designing your organization’s branding is a complex process, calling for a close working relationship between you and your graphic design partner. It’s essential for the professionals designing your logo, choosing fonts, and putting everything together to understand what your organization is all about. With a local provider for graphic design in Georgia, it’s much easier for you to communicate the most important features of your business or nonprofit to your graphic design team so that they can incorporate them into your branding.

Your branding is just the beginning of your marketing campaign! Your website, social media pages, video content, and other advertising efforts all need to tie into your branding and grow out of it in an organic way. Dissonance between your branding and your marketing activities can quickly lead to loss of audience and lower engagement. TranterGrey specializes in helping local clients make the most of their branding across all of their digital marketing channels.

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About Our Graphic Design Process

The graphic design process at TranterGrey begins with what we’ve already done. On our website you can browse our gallery of past projects and see a few of the organizations that we have helped to develop vibrant, eye-catching, and contemporary branding. As you will see, we keep a close eye on today’s most important trends and anticipate what audiences will expect tomorrow.

When we meet with you in the initial stages of the graphic design process, we take the time to listen. Our experienced graphics designers understand how important it is for us to not only learn what your organization does, but also its personality, mission, audience, and feel. All of that plays into your ideal branding, and the more we internalize it up front, the better able we are to present you with options that match your expectations.

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Once we present you with our initial ideas, the rest of the process is finding out what you like, what you want changed, and ultimately settling on a branding design that perfectly represents who you are as an organization. At that point we’re ready to work together to build a marketing strategy that makes the best possible use of your exciting new branding.

Finding a powerful partner in graphic design in Georgia is your first step to success. At TranterGrey, we’re very proud to have helped design some of the most recognizable branding in the Augusta, GA area as well as throughout the Southeast. We want your organization to be our next success story.

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commercial video production company
commercial video production company

Organizational Capacity


Personnel Count: 4
Projects at One Time: 13 to 15


Personnel Count: 3
Projects at One Time: 3 to 4

Strategic Planning

Personnel Count: 3
Projects at One Time: 13 to 15

Web Development

Personnel Count: 4
Projects at One Time: 5 to 6

Media Buying

Personnel Count: 2
Projects at One Time: 8 to 12

Printing and Promotions

Personnel Count: 1
Projects at One Time: 3 to 5

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Blane Bailey
President / Ceo

Blane Bailey is the heart and soul of TranterGrey. The company began as a direct mail business in Blane’s garage over twenty years ago and has grown into the 18-person agency that exists today. Blane’s tenacity and drive to succeed have created a business legacy that will last for generations to come and that exists as a leader in the region and throughout the nation.

videographer augusta ga

Rhett Bailey
VP - Client Relations

After working with national name brands like Levi Strauss and Vans in California for over a decade, Rhett Bailey joined the family business and has been serving TranterGrey as Vice President of Client Relations for five years. His work in national branding prepared him for the role he now fills at TG and equipped him with a modern perception of branding and how to provide cutting edge collateral for the clients of TranterGrey.

videographer augusta ga

Tyler Jackson
VP - Creative Services

Tyler Jackson joined the TranterGrey team as a video producer and has worked his way through various facets of the creative process. Tyler is a self-taught web developer, dabbles in graphic design, and maintains his original role in video production. With such multi-faceted talents, Tyler’s creativity and strong work ethic have moved him into the role of Vice President of Creative Services and have made him an irreplaceable part of the TranterGrey team.


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