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Our Video Production Team


At TranterGrey, professional video production has always been at the very core of what we do. Over the years, our unusual concentration of talent has led to recognition by a variety of local, regional, and national industry groups, including multiple Emmy awards. Our process allows each of our clients to enjoy a level of quality in video production that is normally only available from huge “big-city” firms in New York or LA, while also providing advantages in cost and personal touch that the bigger firms simply aren’t able to match.

Our portfolio of video campaigns speaks volumes, and we encourage you to take a look at a few of our favorite projects posted on our site. From government informational campaigns to special event promotion to marketing for local businesses, our commercial video production company is versatile enough to perfectly fit every client’s unique set of needs and goals. When it’s critical to convey your message to the right audience, in the right way, with exactly the right look and feel, TranterGrey is the team to trust.

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Your Film And Video Production Company

Why choose TranterGrey for your film and video production projects? There is a long list of advantages that make us the strategic choice. It begins, of course, with the experience that our writers, designers, producers, editors, and marketing experts bring with them. When you work with us, you can be confident that your entire project will be handled in-house, not handed off to a third party. This close connection between our team and yours ensures that your final video will not only look and sound incredible, but will also reflect your organization in exactly the way you want it to.

Versatility is another key feature of TranterGrey’s film and video production company that works to your organization’s benefit. We’ve handled so many campaigns in so many different industries and markets–with award-winning success–that you can have confidence in our ability to beautifully incorporate your organization’s characteristics into your video. Whether we’re putting together a hype reel for a sports team, promoting a one-time event with different videos focused on slightly differing audiences, or helping a small business turn their reputation around with high-quality marketing videos, we bring the same top tier production value and sensibility to every project.


Once your video has been planned, filmed, edited, and completed, there’s another critical set of decisions to be made–exactly when, where, and how your video will appear. Getting your video to your audience is a very complex process, requiring not only knowledge of the various outlets but also a network of relationships that provide access to those outlets. At TranterGrey, we have unique and strategic relationships with Hulu and other national and international media companies that expand the possibilities for your video’s release. The streamlined nature of our film and video production company and our location near Augusta, Georgia also allow us to offer pricing to our clients that can’t be matched by larger firms with more overhead costs and offices in major metropolitan markets.

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Meet Your Videographer in Augusta


Working with a videographer in Augusta, GA that can provide top tier quality throughout the film production process is the absolute best way for your organization to make the most of its promotional, marketing, special announcement, event advertising, and other publicity efforts. TranterGrey offers the personal touch you expect from a local provider while giving you access to award-winning production value that’s second to none. Find out why clients throughout the Southeast and across the country come back to us again and again when they need their videos to count.

Organizational Capacity


Personnel Count: 4
Projects at One Time: 13 to 15


Personnel Count: 3
Projects at One Time: 3 to 4

Strategic Planning

Personnel Count: 3
Projects at One Time: 13 to 15

Web Development

Personnel Count: 4
Projects at One Time: 5 to 6

Media Buying

Personnel Count: 2
Projects at One Time: 8 to 12

Printing and Promotions

Personnel Count: 1
Projects at One Time: 3 to 5

videographer augusta ga

Blane Bailey
President / Ceo

Blane Bailey is the heart and soul of TranterGrey. The company began as a direct mail business in Blane’s garage over twenty years ago and has grown into the 18-person agency that exists today. Blane’s tenacity and drive to succeed have created a business legacy that will last for generations to come and that exists as a leader in the region and throughout the nation.

videographer augusta ga

Rhett Bailey
VP - Client Relations

After working with national name brands like Levi Strauss and Vans in California for over a decade, Rhett Bailey joined the family business and has been serving TranterGrey as Vice President of Client Relations for five years. His work in national branding prepared him for the role he now fills at TG and equipped him with a modern perception of branding and how to provide cutting edge collateral for the clients of TranterGrey.

videographer augusta ga

Tyler Jackson
VP - Creative Services

Tyler Jackson joined the TranterGrey team as a video producer and has worked his way through various facets of the creative process. Tyler is a self-taught web developer, dabbles in graphic design, and maintains his original role in video production. With such multi-faceted talents, Tyler’s creativity and strong work ethic have moved him into the role of Vice President of Creative Services and have made him an irreplaceable part of the TranterGrey team.


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