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Grow Your Business By Expanding Your Reach Online

After decades of evolution and improvement, the search engine is now more than ever the primary tool that people use to look for services and products. The rapid development of mobile device web browsing technology has solidified the role of the search engine as the number one route for marketers to use in getting their offerings in front of potential customers. In an incredibly competitive search landscape, having the right SEO team in charge of your campaign is an absolute must. From broad-based national efforts to laser-focused local marketing, great SEO should be at the center of your marketing plan.

Reach the top of each keyword search with researched, proven search engine optimization strategies

Our Skills and Expertise

Our team responds to search engine developments with speed and creativity.

Optimizing your website’s content for performance in the search results pages is about much more than selecting the right keywords and making sure the functionality of the site is working. The algorithms and crawlers used by the search engines are constantly being adjusted by developers as they learn more about how people look for information, evaluate search results, and choose which websites to visit. Our team keeps your site competitive as the landscape changes.

  • New technologies, most notably voice search, affect how users tell the search engine what they’re looking for.
  • Machine learning and AI are replacing older algorithms in ranking search results.
  • Readability and relevance to visitors are increasingly important in comparison to keyword selection, density, and placement.
  • Factors outside SEO, such as site accessibility and mobile optimization, are now intricately connected with a successful SEO campaign.

It takes a lot of ongoing research to respond to these and other changes in an agile way, keeping your website at the top of each keyword search.

Grow Your Business By Expanding Your Reach Online

The quickest way for you to find out what our expert SEO team can do for your business’s growth is to have an SEO audit conducted on your website. We’ll identify your site’s strengths, potential for improvement, and suggested SEO strategies to power your online success.

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Great SEO starts with the correct keywords. It’s not always the phrases you think are most important for your business, but rather the ones that your audience tends to use to find the products or services you offer. Our extensive research ensures that you focus on the right keywords.

Having an understanding of what your direct competitors are already doing online will inform how you should approach your SEO effort. Advanced strategies such as focusing on low traffic but high value longtail keywords may be the best way for you to carve out a great position on the search results pages.

Implementing random SEO activities here and there, “on the fly,” is a recipe for disaster. The only way to beat out competitors for the top search results is with a carefully planned, researched, and tested strategy that takes into account competitor activity, keyword analysis, and budget, among many other factors.

Getting the attention of shoppers in your neighborhood calls for an intensely focused, smart campaign that shows an understanding of your local market. Optimizing your Google Business Profile, maximizing customer reviews, and including the right location-based keywords are examples of strategies essential to a successful local SEO campaign.

There is no substitution for high quality content that human visitors enjoy reading and find value in. Your website should be characterized by clarity, ease of navigation, reliable functionality, and regularly updated text content that gives the visitor what they expect to find on your site–plus, of course, the right keywords in the right context.

A network of meaningful, organic links to and from well established websites builds the reputation of your website and raises its visibility on the search results pages. Other off-page SEO strategies include press releases, guest blogging, social media activity, and other content that can link back to your page and draw increased visitor volume.

Once your SEO campaign launches, there are a myriad of ongoing activities that your team conducts to maintain and improve it. Text content should be refreshed according to a regular schedule, and as best practices evolve, your website should evolve along with them. We’ll keep you in line with the latest marketing trends.

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to keep a website at the top of the rankings. Coding that your site’s visitors will never see gives the search engines important information about the purpose and nature of your website, as well as controlling the way links are handled and viewed as ranking factors.

You should never feel in the dark about what your SEO campaign is doing for you. Our detailed, frequent reports make it clear how your website is performing compared to past periods, how our efforts are expanding your online reach, and most importantly, how it is driving your company’s growth in real numbers.

Ready to Grow Your Business With Augusta SEO Services?

Over the years, SEO has been a confusing term to those outside the digital marketing field, and for good reason. Search engine optimization has rarely been a static topic, with best practices, tools, and metrics changing on a frequent basis over its several decades of existence. While organizations in the past sometimes took the route of ignoring SEO and focusing instead on improving the quality of their website and using traditional offline modes of marketing, that approach is simply not an option in the current digital landscape.

Ready to Grow Your Business

All of that is much easier with a local partner, and TranterGrey is proud to offer SEO in Augusta as part of its digital marketing services. Whether you already have a website designed by us or you’ve decided it’s time to entrust your SEO activities to a local expert you can trust, our team looks forward to hearing from you. Get in touch with us today to get started and find out how you can raise your website’s profile. Your audience is online, and a strong SEO campaign is the best way to make sure that your organization is visible to them when they search for your services.

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Why Choose Tranter Grey As Your SEO Expert in Augusta?

Because SEO is an entirely digital set of activities, it may seem that it could be managed just as well by a company across the country as by a company that’s located in your business’s hometown. In reality, however, a local provider has a much better chance of driving your organization to SEO success–as long as they have the experience and knowledge in house to do so. One of the keys to achieving top rankings on the search engine is the ability of your SEO provider to understand your organization, learn about your intended audience, and share metrics on an ongoing basis to determine any changes that can improve your website’s rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses a wide variety of activities, both on your website and elsewhere on the Internet, to ensure that when people use Google or another search engine to look for keyword phrases related to your organization, your website’s pages feature prominently in the first few search results. Having an SEO company in Georgia audit your website, add pages, adjust written content, and conduct advanced methods to optimize the links to and from your site is the best way to make sure you are visible to those potential customers and clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Keyword selection and focus involves more than simply identifying the most important phrases for your industry. If certain keywords are already being targeted by a number of long-established competitors, you stand little chance of gaining an advantage over them. Our team’s deep investigation will show which keyword phrases you can focus on in order to make the most of your SEO budget.

Most often, visitors leave a website within a few seconds of arriving on it because the information they find is not what they expected. This happens when an SEO campaign is focused on the wrong keywords or when the search results do not accurately reflect what the website itself offers. Trying to “trick” searchers into visiting a website only results in a higher bounce rate, which search engines incorporate into their ranking algorithm in the form of penalties and lower rankings in the future.

A blog is a great way to ensure that the text content on your website is updated on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The search engines place a high value on new content, as it shows that your site is active and won’t give searchers outdated information. You can achieve the same purpose by regularly rewriting your web pages, for instance, but a blog is a natural vehicle for constantly offering visitors new content that they will find valuable.

Google offers a wealth of metrics through its Analytics tool, which help SEO professionals identify how your website is performing. Our team sifts through this vast amount of data to hone in on the most important numbers, then present those to you in an easy-to-understand format that displays at a glance the most important changes.

Organic SEO is best described as a long-term strategy. While you may see improvements in the short term, it takes weeks and even months for all the elements of your SEO campaign to bear fruit. Our team will keep you updated on progress, let you know what’s being done to build your website’s visibility, and celebrate the milestones as we reach them together.

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videographer augusta ga
videographer augusta ga

Organizational Capacity


Personnel Count: 4
Projects at One Time: 13 to 15


Personnel Count: 3
Projects at One Time: 3 to 4

Strategic Planning

Personnel Count: 3
Projects at One Time: 13 to 15

Web Development

Personnel Count: 4
Projects at One Time: 5 to 6

Media Buying

Personnel Count: 2
Projects at One Time: 8 to 12

Printing and Promotions

Personnel Count: 1
Projects at One Time: 3 to 5

videographer augusta ga

Blane Bailey
President / Ceo

Blane Bailey is the heart and soul of TranterGrey. The company began as a direct mail business in Blane’s garage over twenty years ago and has grown into the 18-person agency that exists today. Blane’s tenacity and drive to succeed have created a business legacy that will last for generations to come and that exists as a leader in the region and throughout the nation.

videographer augusta ga

Rhett Bailey
VP - Client Relations

After working with national name brands like Levi Strauss and Vans in California for over a decade, Rhett Bailey joined the family business and has been serving TranterGrey as Vice President of Client Relations for five years. His work in national branding prepared him for the role he now fills at TG and equipped him with a modern perception of branding and how to provide cutting edge collateral for the clients of TranterGrey.

videographer augusta ga

Tyler Jackson
VP - Creative Services

Tyler Jackson joined the TranterGrey team as a video producer and has worked his way through various facets of the creative process. Tyler is a self-taught web developer, dabbles in graphic design, and maintains his original role in video production. With such multi-faceted talents, Tyler’s creativity and strong work ethic have moved him into the role of Vice President of Creative Services and have made him an irreplaceable part of the TranterGrey team.


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