TranterGrey is a Multi-Emmy award winning agency based out of Evans, Georgia. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver on all aspects of our client’s needs, which span from video production, brand identity, graphic design, photography, web development, and “To Market” strategies locally, regionally, and nationally for digital and traditional media campaigns. TranterGrey is unique in the sense that we produce and deliver these elements in-house and do not outsource any of our client’s needs.  This allows for a more cohesive brand strategy and campaign roll-out.

Expertise & Examples

Web Development & Design

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Graphic Design / Photography

Augusta Warrior Project

Augusta Warrior Project is a well-known nonprofit organization within our community, and we feel that TranterGrey has been an integral part in the creation and popularity of their identity.  TranterGrey has been a partner of AWP since 2014.  Since that time, we have produced all their marketing material and graphic design to drive veteran awareness and local donations.  This work includes video production, event materials, promotional goods, annual reports, digital campaigns geared at driving donations, billboards, print material, and long form video.

Kenneth Shuler

Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology has eight locations throughout the Carolinas.  TranterGrey handles 100% of Kenneth Shuler’s concept, design, and placement.  This market strategy spans across Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina and includes the creation of digital media and traditional media, including billboards, radio, and television.  TranterGrey also oversees the interior design and aesthetics of each campus.

Fairway Ford

Fairway Ford of Evans hired TranterGrey to design and implement a refresh of their brand.  This included a new brand-mark/logo, in-store P.O.P, stationary system design, and promotional goods.  TranterGrey is also responsible for all video production completed for Fairway Ford in the past six months and places all media to include traditional and digital advertising elements.


Medac Anesthesia Billing Solutions is a national company that processes billing/insurance claims for anesthesia medical groups.  Medac hired TranterGrey to complete a brand identity package that included a revamp of all marketing material, in-house promotional goods, and a new website that was designed and built as a custom site to offer a fresher look that allows Medac to better compete nationally with other businesses of its kind.

Video Production

One of TranterGrey’s key assets is that we conceptualize, capture, and deliver the essence of your business by evoking emotions within your target audience in only :30 seconds through our talent for video production that stands on a level very few people can deliver.  Several local agencies provide video production capabilities, but TranterGrey is the only local agency to win the American Advertising Federation’s “Best in Show” award seven years running. We staff 3 Multi-Emmy award winners and continue to train, educate, and strive to deliver the essence of every brand message.

Xavier Perez

Xavier is an amazing little guy that has talents in golf reaching far beyond most other children his age. His contagious and joyful outlook is hard to truly capture on film, but you get a glimpse of who he is and what makes him tick in this short documentary about how he got to where he is now.

Lisa N. Hoang

We met Lisa as she was trying her hardest to make it to New York Fashion Week 2016. This short documentary touches on the difficulties and wins she experienced on her journey. She is well on her way to becoming a top designer in today’s clothing landscape.

Southeastern – This Is Our Story

This is a commercial we scripted and shot for a commercial real estate company that was getting into the residential business in Augusta, GA. The shots and script were intentionally crafted to put the viewer at ease and manifest memories of beautiful moments with close friends and family.

Kenneth Shuler – Dreams

Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology spans the entire state of South Carolina.  With 8 locations in all major cities we create videos that are intended to not be hyper local so they can be utilized through-out the entire state. This video, at its core, is to show interested enrollees their opportunity and potential while also positioning Kenneth Shuler as the industry leader when choosing a cosmetology career path.

Golden Harvest – Backpack

Golden Harvest hired us to create 4 commercials for them through-out 2016-2017.  Like you, they have many different programs that they support to help the community that are unknown by the clear majority.  Our intentions are to drive donations through the Christmas season by highlighting their local back pack program.

AWP – The Visit

Stop and Watch!! Watch the video before reading!!!  Our concept was to show that AWP supports family members of fallen soldiers.  Also showing the vast amount of people that are supported by AWP.  This was a heart string message to drive awareness and donations.

AWP – Reflections

This video was a part of AWP’s 2016 Donation Campaign.  Our concept of this video is to pull at the heart strings of the community by recognizing that there are people passed by and forgotten daily. We want the community to realize the sacrifice made by these individuals for our county.

Westobou Festival

Westobou Festival is an art, music, community festival that takes place for 5 days in Downtown Augusta GA. We were hired to create a :60 video that showcased all that Westobou has to offer.  This video asset will be used in all aspects of their 2017 campaign to drive awareness of the festival and drive ticket sales.

Organizational Capacity



Personnel Count: 4
Projects at One Time: 13 to 15



Personnel Count: 3
Projects at One Time: 3 to 4


Strategic Planning

Personnel Count: 3
Projects at One Time: 13 to 15


Web Development

Personnel Count: 4
Projects at One Time: 5 to 6


Media Buying

Personnel Count: 2
Projects at One Time: 8 to 12


Printing and Promotions

Personnel Count: 1
Projects at One Time: 3 to 5

Blane Bailey
President / Ceo

Blane Bailey is the heart and soul of TranterGrey. The company began as a direct mail business in Blane’s garage over twenty years ago and has grown into the 18-person agency that exists today. Blane’s tenacity and drive to succeed have created a business legacy that will last for generations to come and that exists as a leader in the region and throughout the nation.

Rhett Bailey
VP - Client Relations

After working with national name brands like Levi Strauss and Vans in California for over a decade, Rhett Bailey joined the family business and has been serving TranterGrey as Vice President of Client Relations for five years. His work in national branding prepared him for the role he now fills at TG and equipped him with a modern perception of branding and how to provide cutting edge collateral for the clients of TranterGrey.

Tyler Jackson
VP - Creative Services

Tyler Jackson joined the TranterGrey team as a video producer and has worked his way through various facets of the creative process. Tyler is a self-taught web developer, dabbles in graphic design, and maintains his original role in video production. With such multi-faceted talents, Tyler’s creativity and strong work ethic have moved him into the role of Vice President of Creative Services and have made him an irreplaceable part of the TranterGrey team.